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Our Services

Long Financial Services offers traditional full service investment management, financial planning, and integration with the client CPA, tax advisor and attorney.

A major value to our clients is our competitive pricing, and, as an independent financial services firm, we can assist our clients with complete attention to your needs. Our independent investment research is not influenced by investment banking or conflicts of interest. Whether fee based or transaction oriented, it is important to understand your different options for financial services, which may include:

  • Financial planning and investment advice
  • Wealth management and transfer strategies
  • Insurance and succession planning
  • Institutional management for income, bonds, and equity portfolios
  • Money market, checking, bankcard, and online services.
  • Stocks, Government and municipal Bonds, mutual funds including no load, US Treasuries and CDs
  • Reitrement planning and services, including 401(k); Profit Sharing; Defined Benefit, and IRA's
  • Stocks, indexes, and etfs
  • Retirement accounts for income and wealth accumulation